Development in Stem Cell Technology to Regenerate Better Bone

Medical scientists have published a development in their work regarding stem cell technology for regenerating bone tissue. The method involves magnetic nanoparticles coated with targeting proteins that stimulate the stem cells to produce bone. This breakthrough overcomes the hurdle previously encountered where it was difficult to stimulate the differentiation of injectable stem cells into producing large enough quantities of bone matter.

The use of stem cells aims to avoid bone grafts which can be painful and invasive and also provides alternatives for patients who either don’t have suitable bone for grafting or require a large area for bone regrowth.

The technology allows stem cells to be injected directly at the injured site and for the nanoparticles to be remotely controlled in order to generate mechanical forces and phase the release of protein growth factors when required.

Read the journal article, “Remotely Activated Mechanotransduction via Magnetic Nanoparticles Promotes Mineralization Synergistically with Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2: Applications for Injectable Cell Therapy,” published in Stem Cells Translational Medicine