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Compression pump basics for Arterial Insufficiency


Sequential intermittent compression pumps are used worldwide for the treatment of arterial disease. Australia is yet to adopt widespread use of these compression pumps with misconceptions regarding compression and arterial outflow. This session will guide participants through safe and effective use of intermittent compression pumps in patients with known arterial insufficiency and explain the difference between constant compression and intermittent compression to circulation and arterial flow. You will learn about compression pump prescription for arterial disease patients by applying knowledge gained from evidence-based treatment protocols.

This session will guide participants through the basics of compression pump features, options on the market that are suitable for arterial insufficiency, how they work, and safe use.

This education session is suitable for health professionals.

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about what compression pumps are, how they work, and who uses them. What pump specifications are required when arterial compromise is present.
  • Learn about the effect of forms of compression on a limb with arterial disease.
  • Learn about the latest evidence for intermittent compression pump treatment protocols.
  • Learn about how to implement these protocols into clinical practice and determine treatment effect through assessment
  • Understand the role of therapist-led assessment and guidance on treatment setting

Speaker: Jen Sanderson, Lymphoedema Therapist

Platform: The webinar will run on three different days. The link to the virtual meeting will be provided once participants have RSVP’ed through Zoom (links in dates below)


Sessions and times to TBC

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