Latest Research on Compression Pumps

Research published this year by Zaleska et al (in Lymphatic Research and Biology) confirms the effectiveness of intermittent pneumatic compression as an effective treatment method for lower limb oedema. “IPC takes over the permanently missing function of the obliterated lymphatics by squeezing oedema tissue fluid to the regions with normal lymphatic drainage”.

A group of 18 patients with unilateral leg lymphoedema stage II to IV was treated for a period of three years using the device. Their outcomes suggested that not only was the pump responsible for fluid evacuation but that secondary changes, such as hardening of the skin, lymph leakage and ulceration, were prevented.

After months, of IPC therapy, stabilisation of limb girth and elasticity occurred. Read the study, “The Effectiveness of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression in Long-Term Therapy of Lymphedema of Lower Limbs”, here…