Out and About – Medi-Rent Supports Further Education

Medi-Rent is a strong advocate for patient and therapist education in the area of lymphoedema. On March 19, the Medi-Rent team attended the Hunter Wound Interest Group’s meeting to demonstrate the use of Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) in wound healing.

We also attended The Lymphoedema Support Network of NSW Information Day on 7 March. The day was heavily attended by consumers and nurses to hear from leading experts on management ideas for the condition as well as some latest research findings.

Speakers included:

  • Professor Neil Piller, Director of the Lymphoedema Research Unit at Flinders University, who spoke on the pathophysiology of lymphoedema
  • Louise Koelmeyer, Director of Lymphoedema Training and Education, who spoke on early intervention management
  • Sally Kava, Director of Lymphoedema Training and Education, who spoke on best practice
  • Andrea Mangion, Director of Lymphoedema Training and Education, who gave an overview of lymphoedema to nurses
  • Dr Kieron Rooney, Senior Lecturer Sydney University, who spoke on the influence of diet on lymphoedema and adiposity
  • Dr Helen Mackie, Medical Director of the Mt Wilga Private Hospital Lymphoedema Service, who spoke on advocacy issues, diagnosis and cellulitis management
  •  Jill Sparks, Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant, Western Sydney Local Health Network

It was a great opportunity for consumers and health professionals to try our latest IPC compression pumpthe LymphaSys-9 – and to catch up with some of our long standing customers who are finding great success with the earlier model – the LX-7.
The LX-7 and LymphaSys-9 utilise Intermittent pneumatic compression technology which is used for the prevention and treatment of various vascular issues such as: lymphoedema, diabetic complications, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulceration and lipoedema. The device involves a controller and limb garments which apply external pressure sequentially to increase blood and lymph flow. Both products can be used in the comfort of the home yielding great results with 30 minute sessions twice a day.