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Bone Growth Stimulator

Facilitates bone healing and repair

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Osteotron IV

Osteotron IV is a device which acts to facilitate the natural bone healing process by stimulating bone cells to grow and repair. Treatment involves placing the ultrasound probe on your skin at the site of your injury, conveniently fastening the retainer band and letting the LIPUS (low intensity pulsed ultrasound) do its work.

A bone growth stimulator is used at home by people who have either undergone surgery or conservative management and may be in a cast. Treatment involves only 20 minutes a day from a few weeks to several months, as indicated by your surgeon.

At Medi-Rent we offer the option to RENT, making treatment affordable.
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The Osteotron should always be used under the GUIDANCE OF A HEALTH PROFESSIONAL. Always USE ONLY AS DIRECTED and if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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All equipment adheres to Australian healthcare standards in cleaning and disinfection between clients. In addition to our rigorous methods, our facilities are regularly tested by an independent laboratory to ensure cleanliness and safety.

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Features / Benefits
  • Rental options are economical
  • The dual frequency feature allows your surgeon to target bone healing at varying levels of injury
  • 2 channels – allow treatment of two separate areas simultaneously, one area from two sides or a larger injury site
  • Convenient probe retainer belts
  • Physician mode – allows physicians to set specific parameters
How does low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) work?

Treatment involves placing the ultrasound probe on your skin at the site of your injury. The device sends low intensity pulsed frequencies to the injury assisting the recovery process of bone healing.

It can be used at home either during casting or post-surgery and only requires 20 minutes a day. Treatment may last just a few weeks, or in some cases several months.

Why should I hire and not buy a LIPUS machine?

Most people using a LIPUS machine only need it for a short period of time to facilitate their injury healing. Therefore, it is an unnecessary expense to purchase a bone growth stimulator. Hiring the Osteotron IV bone growth stimulator is an affordable and smart choice.

Why can’t I feel anything?

Customers will typically not feel any sensations (tingling, heat etc) during LIPUS treatment. But it is important to note that the ultrasound is working on your bone and to continue treatments. It is critical to complete the full course of treatment as prescribed by your physician/surgeon.

What do I do if I encounter problems with my equipment?

Medi-Rent offers a 24/7 phone service or problem solve any queries or problems you may have. If you cannot get through to our customer service agents, please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

When should I not use LIPUS?

There are no known adverse effects or contraindications from the use of this system. However, if in doubt, please consult with your medical practitioner.

Power supply DC 4.8 V, 4 x Nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery DC 5 V, AC Adaptor
Pulse frequency 100 Hz or 1000 Hz
Ultrasound frequency 1.5 MHz or 0.75 MHz (optional)
Ultrasound Intensity 30 mW/cm2, 45 mW/cm2 or 60 mW/cm2 (SATA)
Safety class Class I / Internally powered equipment Type BF, Class IIa / MDD
Dimensions 98 (W) x 40 (D) x 145 (H) mm
Weight 240g (without batteries)

First month $395 – includes freight and starter pack (2 probes & 250ml bottle of ultrasound gel)
Following months: $320 / month

(This product available for purchase. Call us for more details.)

Please call us to discuss terms, conditions, and delivery / collection options.

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I wish to thank all who have assisted my wife Evelyn Schofield with her fractured right leg. In the last 2 months we have been using the Osteotron IV every day to assist the growth. I am convinced this has helped greatly.

Cliff Schofield

I recently rented the Osteotron IV device. I am certain the ultrasound greatly contributed to the quick healing of my Webber B ankle joint fracture after 4 weeks daily application. (10 weeks after initial break). There was no initial surgery (cast and boot) but complications were detected at 10 weeks and luckily the surgeon adopted a month ‘wait and see’. That’s when the osteotron did its job! The surgeon yesterday seemed surprised at the rate of growth and anticipated surgery is no longer required! Very happy thank you.

Bronwyn Ferrier

I had a non-union fracture of the 5th Metatarsal which I was told by a specialist that I needed surgery requiring a bone graft, steel plate and screws, with no other option available. This was 4 months ago and I am pleased to say that after using the Osteotron device for the duration it has healed and I’m back walking etc with no limp whatsoever! The same Orthopaedic specialist couldn’t believe it and said how lucky I was!!

I am so happy I decided to give this a go rather than have the surgery which meant 6 weeks in a wheelchair and at least 6 months rehabilitation. Using the Osteotron was worth every cent and extremely cost effective compared to any form of surgery.

Deb Whinton

Blown away with the exceptional service I received. Not only did I receive my machine delivered to my door (live rural), I also had a follow-up phone call from Medirent Physiotherapist who is very knowledgeable. SHAUN from Customer Service is one of the most professional and kind people I have ever dealt with. The after sales commitment to me is amazing. It’s very refreshing to have such excellent service, with a company that is actually interested in my outcome. Thank you Medirent!

Trudy Kilmier

Rent from $320/month*

Competitive pricing. Great service.

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