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Effective recuperation begins with minimising secondary risks


The DVT-Pro is clinically proven to provide low risk DVT prevention. Disposable cuffs are applied to the calf area only and are specifically designed to prevent and treat DVT. Using its three-chamber system, varying pressures are applied promoting fluid movement using sequential intermittent pneumatic compression (SIPC) technology.  Find out more below.

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Features / Benefits
  • A computer controlled power unit with easy to use controls
  • Three-chamber system for sequential compression along the entire leg or calf
  • One chamber system available for compression around the foot
  • Easy fit garments are comfortable to use. Disposable garments are used to ensure hygiene and reduction of cross-infection
  • Digital LCD (Visible Day & Night)
  • Adjustable/Lockable Settings
  • Auto Sleeve Detection & System Check
  • Patient Compliance Recorder
  • Lithium Ion Battery (up to 8 hr. use)
How does Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) work?

Intermittent pneumatic compression mimics the body’s function of muscle contraction and its effect on the circulatory system. By applying pressure to the surface of the limb it promotes the circulation of blood/fluid throughout the body. Each chamber inflates and deflates sequentially starting from the extremity and moving towards the centre of the body. The compression of the DVT-Pro cuff helps prevent blood pooling and clot formation in the lower limbs.

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  • Variable pressure (thigh/calf) from 20-60mmHg (10mmHg increments).
  • Variable pressure (foot) from 120-140mmHg (10mmHg increments).

$275/ first month then $210/month thereafter

Each rental requires a purchase of two disposable calf boots for an additional cost of $65. 

Please call us to discuss terms, conditions, and delivery / collection options.

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