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  • Continuous Passive Motion

  • Continuous Passive Motion

Continuous Passive Motion

Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machines are an effective, affordable and accessible treatment option for helping patients to recover range of motion (ROM) following surgery or trauma. CPM treatment is beneficial in preventing joint stiffness, reducing pain during surgical recovery and preventing complications such as the development of fibrous scar tissue or muscular atrophy.

CPM has been proven to provide the same degree of recovery as continuous professional therapy at a much lower cost. Clinical studies have proven that the use of CPM machines along with physiotherapy as part of a recovery regime significantly decrease recovery time and pain post-surgery, and can often lead to achieving a higher level of overall ROM.


CPM devices should be applied immediately after surgery to gain the maximum benefit including:

  • Improved ROM
  • Prevention of arthrofibrosis
  • Promotion of cartilage healing and repair
  • Improvement of joint metabolism
  • Regeneration and healing of cartilage and damaged ligaments
  • Faster haematoma/fluid resorption
  • Improved lymph and blood circulation preventing thrombosis
  • Accelerated healing of articular tissues
  • Restoration of tendon gliding surfaces and prevention of adhesion formation

Our Service

  • Delivery to the hospital post-surgery
  • Transferring equipment to the patient’s home on discharge
  • Educating the user on how to operate the machine
  • Collection at the end of the rental period



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