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Effective and accurate body scan measurements

  • perometer 400NTL

  • perometer 400NT


Medi-Rent is the sole distributor of Perometer systems for Australia. Our systems provide a full and precise geometric scan of the body / body parts in as little as 3 seconds. The data provided by the Perometer is stored and can be analysed and compared to earlier data. It is particularly useful in the assessment and management of conditions involving oedema. Fluid build-up can be precisely localised and temporal changes are documented. The software includes the ability to prescribe garment sizing accurately. All models include the Peroplus software and a single user local database. The 350NT is the most popular model available but there is a range of models available.

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350NT Model Perometer
  • Allows the horizontal measurement of extremities.
  • It has a measuring frame with a clear width of approx. 47 cm x 47 cm.
  • Oedema of the arms is measured by placing the device on a table. The patient is sitting in front of the measuring frame and holds the arm horizontally into the frame.
400NT Model Perometer
  • Uses a vertical measurement frame with a cross-section area of 47cm x 47cm.
  • It is suitable for vertically placed objects.
  • The patient’s legs are measured while standing.
  • Arm measurements are taken whilst patient is seated next to the frame. Seat is an optional extra
400NTL Model Perometer
  • Similar to model 400NT, but allows greater movement of the rail up to 1.3 m instead of 90 cm.
  • The person to be measured stands inside the frame.
  • The pelvis, the waist and the area up to the chest can be recorded.
  • The 400 NTL is used to detect changes in trunk dimensions.
  • Arm measurements are taken whilst patient is seated next to the frame. Seat is an optional extra
How does a Perometer work?

The Perometer provides a full and precise geometric scan of the body / body parts in as little as 3 seconds. In two lateral and in the longitudinal direction they allow to determine the spatial dimensions of objects placed into a measurement frame. Perometers work with parallel-acting light curtains made of photosensors and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with which the limb is illuminated and scanned. The actual measuring unit is installed in the frame, which is pushed over the limb.

Operation with a conventional PC allows simple monitoring and control of the imaging unit. The measurement data are automatically stored, managed and evaluated in a clear manner.

What sorts of data can I analyse?


  • Limb volume comparison
  • Volume changes over time
  • Circumference profiles
  • Measuring accurately for garment prescription
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