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compression pump for lymphoedema and sports recovery

Compression Pump Helps Manage Lymphoedema and Sports Recovery

Jess was diagnosed with primary lymphoedema 5 years ago with both legs and trunk involved. Jess has always enjoyed running and started out with 4km fun runs as a young adult till she built up her training and stamina. Read here about how she accomplished her first marathon as well as using a pneumatic compression pump to manage her symptoms of lymphoedema as well as her sports recovery.

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rebound sports recovery boots

Rebound Sports Recovery Assists ADFRU Players

This year Australian Defence Force Rugby Union players used the Rebound Sports Recovery System during training and after their games at the Australian Rugby Nationals. We caught up with the team strapper Ionie Jackson about how they found using pneumatic compression to enhance their recovery during intense training.

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Bone Growth Stimulator Heals Hockey Player’s Fractured Metacarpal

Early in the hockey season, 15-year-old Nick fractured his left index metacarpal at the neck during play. He was in the short corner defending a penalty when he was hit on the top of his hand by another player’s hockey stick.

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lymphoedema back

Pneumatic Compression Pump Alleviates Groin Swelling

Jeanette is a very active career woman who had uterine cancer some years ago. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy she has struggled with managing her lymphedema which has manifested as pooling in the stomach and perineal area.

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Pneumatic Compression Pump Assists Rehab of Liposuction for Lymphoedema

“I absolutely adore it!” is the resounding comment from one our recent customers Sue about her LX9 pump. And no wonder. After a long road of dealing with primary lymphoedema diagnosed 23 years ago, Sue finally underwent liposuction of her leg.

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Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Gets Basketballer Back on the Court Faster

“If I could afford to own one in my home for my three boys when they have injuries, I would. I believe it really works”, says loving mum Hanaa about the Osteotron.

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Success for a Gardener with Lymphoedema with Low Tolerance of Compression Garments

Thirty years ago, Shirley received the news that is all too familiar for Aussies living under our hard sun. She had developed a melanoma. During surgery, the doctor also performed a surgical node resection and Shirley contracted lymphoedema shortly thereafter.

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