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Cryo-compression Leads to Drug Free, Two Days after Rotator Cuff Surgery


Cryo-compression Leads to Drug Free, Two Days after Rotator Cuff Surgery

We spoke to one of our customers recently about her experience with the Cryotec cold-compression device following shoulder reconstruction.


Medi-Rent: What condition did you have that prompted the need for cryo-compression?

Pam: I underwent rotator cuff surgery for a full thickness tear and biceps tendon tear.

M-R: Why did you choose the Cryotec brand?

Pam: Having heard about the benefit of cryo-compression from my surgeon before the operation, I researched all units on the market but found the Cryotec from Medi-Rent the most affordable and was what the doctor recommended anyway.

The surgeon suggested the Cryotec was most suitable because the soft Velcro can be used simultaneously with a large padded dressing on the shoulder, whereas other systems fit too tight.

M-R: Tell us more about how you used the device with your bandaging

Pam: After the big dressing came off I wore small waterproof ones. These stopped the extreme cold from hurting my skin so I put the bladder straight on. After this, on very sore skin I wore a shirt underneath the cryo garment as it was so cold, but later the cool bladder is great next to the skin.

M-R: How long did you use the cryo for? 

Pam: I am now four weeks post-surgery and am scared to give the Cryotec back! I used it non-stop day and night for the first week unless I was asleep. I got no bruising and the swelling died down after three days. Others have told me they had swelling for weeks!

M-R: How did it affect your use of pain medication?

Pam: I stopped using all pain medications after two days. I didn’t even need Panadol because the cryo-compression therapy was so brilliant. The endone they gave me in hospital made me feel sick so the cryo-compression therapy was essential. It compresses and cools and it makes the shoulder feel fantastic afterwards.

M-R: What amount of time did you use the cryo for each day?

Week 1: all day and about 2 x night
Week 2: about 4 x day and 1 x night
Week 3: 3 x daily, 1 x night
Week 4: 2 x day, or after exercises
I’m told at week 6 I start physical therapy involving lifting the arm up and ice is essential after every exercise session… So I’m considering keeping it as it’s supposed to be very painful!!

M-R: How did you find the Cryotec most useful?

Pam: Every time I felt a small twinge from moving too far one way or bending down to pick up clothes from the floor, I would use the machine and it fixed it every time. I always used it before sleeping as it makes the arm pain free totally and afterwards I slept easily. I know for sure without it I would have been in pain all of this time.

Pam’s final tip: “The unit can be a little noisy but a towel or two placed over it helps!”

Cryo-compression therapy helps pain and swelling post-surgery and eliminates the negative side effects of pain killers. Find out more here or order your unit today.


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