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Gardener Finds Compression Pump Useful


Success for a Gardener with Lymphoedema with Low Tolerance of Compression Garments

Thirty years ago, Shirley received the news that is all too familiar for Aussies living under our hard sun. She had developed a melanoma. During surgery, the doctor also performed a surgical node resection and Shirley contracted lymphoedema shortly thereafter.

“In those days, there were not many management options in the way of therapy or garments. I wore a sleeve fashioned from a leg garment but it wasn’t very good.”

As many sufferers experience, the resulting long-term lymphoedema can be more of an issue than the initial cancer diagnosis, which was true of Shirley who did not want to be slowed down from her gardening, water aerobics and activities as a grandmother.

Despite complete decongestive therapy (CDT) ongoing at Mt Wilga since 2000 and liposuction six years ago due to constant cellulitis, Shirley and her therapists were beginning to feel like they were out of options when they found her tolerance of compression garments was poor.

Shirley started on Sequential Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (SIPC) therapy with the LX-7 and now finds her lymphoedema manageable 12 months on. She says her main symptom was always a very heavy arm which was completely fatiguing. Nowadays, Shirley is making the most of life in her 80s with a combined program of SIPC, CDT and self-massage.

“I find the LX-7 effective as soon as I put it on. My arm goes from feeling woody to a softer texture and definitely comes down in size. I use it for half an hour twice a day and find it quite relaxing!”

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