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Pneumatic Compression Pump Alleviates Abdominal Swelling

lymphoedema abdomen
Pneumatic Compression Pump Alleviates Groin Swelling

Jeanette is a very active career woman who had uterine cancer some years ago. Following surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy she has struggled with managing her lymphedema which has manifested as pooling in the stomach and perineal area.

With the summer weather, Jeanette is finding wearing neoprene bike pants under compression garments hot and uncomfortable.

Medi-Rent now offers a garment for the abdomen and groin area which we trialed with Jeanette. Her regime has involved using the abdomen garment with a Swell Spot insert once a day, followed by the bilateral leg garments.

Jeanette is finally feeling relief and clearance in this area of her body which she hasn’t been able to achieve before. She also finds relief in her lower back and buttocks area which were chronically swollen as well.


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