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Pneumatic Compression Pump Assists Rehab of Liposuction for Lymphoedema


Pneumatic Compression Pump Assists Rehab of Liposuction for Lymphoedema

“I absolutely adore it!” is the resounding comment from one our recent customers Sue about her LX9-LF900 pump. And no wonder. After a long road of dealing with primary lymphoedema diagnosed 23 years ago, Sue finally underwent liposuction of her leg.

Currently Macquarie University Hospital is the only facility in the Southern Hemisphere to offer liposuction for eligible lymphoedema patients. The hospital has been offering the service for over three years and has achieved a success rate of nearly 100% volume reduction with patients also gaining functionally and psychologically with their health improvements. The technique involves removing subcutaneous fat, which has accumulated in later stages of lymphoedema, via numerous small incisions along the limb.

For post-operative success it is imperative that clients follow up with a strict compression garment program. Garments need to be worn at all times or lymphoedema inevitably recurs.

Sue, as other clients have reported coming through the program, found her legs started to painfully tingle and cause discomfort a couple of months into the healing post-surgery.

Her therapist recommended she try the LX9-LF900 pneumatic compression pump to help with the continuing reduction of her limb volume as well as providing relief from her pain. It worked!

Sue uses the pump for 40 minutes once a day, but we also recommend a second treatment in the morning if clients can fit it into their schedule.

Sue says the surgery and pump have transformed her life. Her limb volume continues to reduce in size, her pain is under control and with a boost to her confidence, she is now wearing short dresses she hasn’t worn in years.

Watch Sue speak about her experience below:

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