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Rebound Sports Recovery Assists ADFRU Players

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This year Australian Defence Force Rugby Union players used the Rebound Sports Recovery System during training and after their games at the Australian Rugby Nationals. We caught up with the team strapper Ionie Jackson about how they found using pneumatic compression to enhance their recovery during intense training.

Medi-Rent: How often did the team-mates use Rebound Sports Recovery?

Ionie Jackson (OJ): Once we had the gear in camp we started using it right away.  The compression pumps were used by every player at least once and by a few of the staff too I might add! Most treatment sessions started within 30 minutes after training, however there was some lag once the word got out how effective the Rebound system was! Everyone wanted a go!

Medi-Rent: Did you use Rebound Sports Recovery on any injured players?

OJ: I ran a trial of sorts with the Rebound pump as I was interested in looking at a few treatment protocols we might be able to use in the future. I treated one of our injured (ankle) players (who was completing a rehab program and participating in the warm-ups only) with 30-45 mins at 100mmHg at least 3 times a day.  We saw a significant reduction in swelling in her ankle and, in conjunction with her rehab program, an increase in the mobility in the joint.

I also had one of our elite athletes (completing every training session and playing every game) receiving compression for 30-45 mins at 100mmHg within 30 minutes to 1 hour of completing a training session or game.  We noted a significant reduction in swelling around her knee (prior long term injury) and also a reduction in the usual leg soreness and DOMS (delayed muscle onset soreness) we would expect during a big training camp and Nationals.


Medi-Rent: How long did sessions generally last?

OJ: We worked everyone up to 30-45 minutes. We started at 20 minutes and worked up in 5 minute increments. 

Medi-Rent: What pressure did you use?

OJ: We worked everyone up from 70mmHg gradually to 100mmHg within their tolerances.

Medi-Rent: What did you find was the response from the players?

OJ: The response was overwhelmingly positive!  The girls loved it!  Most reported a significant decrease in leg soreness and DOMS.

Medi-Rent: Any final comments?

OJ: GREAT pieces of kit, those compression pumps are the goods!


Ionie Jackson (OJ) is the team strapper for Women’s ADFRU.  OJ assists the medical team keeping the players fit and healthy by providing strapping (both rigid tape and kinesio), soft tissue treatments and advice.  She has 18+ years experience as an Army Medical Technician and has been looking after the ADFRU-W since retiring from playing rugby in 2011.


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